Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stand By this!

Not sure of the back ground of the video but looks like a collaboration with various street artists and groups in several different areas.  Anyway just have a listen:

Friday, 29 January 2010

Okay, first week missed...

...not a good sign, but even though I hate excuses, my father in law was in hospital all last week, and we were there literally day and night, not much energy for writing, only cook eat sleep! My sister in law came down from McKay to, so she could make sure her father was alright, so we've had a full house, or unit as the case may be! We have managed to eat healthier, especially since my fathers condition has to do with the heart, and sorting out health before the disease starts is much easier than trying to fix it when its too late. I've talked to the kids and they know that we all need to look after ourselves, more exercise, less fat, more fruit and veges etc. etc. WE've been doing well, but we could do better.

I've been reading between splurts of creativity and facebook and hospital!

An interesting book written by an Australian from Cairns, Tamara Sheward, that I found incredibly funny, called Bad Karma. Believe me it definitely lives up to its name. From the back cover:
'In a desperate attempt to escape the tourist trail, two twenty something trouble magnets wreak havoc across Southeast Asia in this not entirely politically correct traveller's tale.'
Her language does become a bit too much at times, lots of swearing and bad manners lol, and it does drag the trip through her adventure out for a while, but it is a satisfying ending, I would love a follow up book.
The other book I've managed to read was, The Perfect Ten, (or the Perfect fit if you want a recent publication!?) by Louise Kean, another quick easy to read, this time, romantic, piece of writing.

It is about getting what you always dreamed of, but sometimes the dream isn't always what you expected. Very witty, there's is a bit of naughtiness, and descriptive passages that might not appeal to the less 'adventurous' but you are with the main character, Sunny, all the way.
Louise Kean, made me cry, which in saying is not that hard, but you know how she feels, because you've felt the same way, the similar experiences, or you know someone whom she is describing. One particular scene when they are at the dinner party, made me angry and upset at the same time. I almost wanted to get in the book and drag her out of there.
I purchased both books at the library for 50c each along with In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, by Alexander McCall Smith, which is book number 6 in the No1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, I've only read no 1 so will wait till I get to read the rest, but for 50c you can't really pass up the chance to purchase it!!

I love the way he writes, and I know this sounds judgmental, but I didn't really picture the author as a distinguished English gentleman! If you've seen the movie or read the books you'd mabey realise why I thought this haha.
We'll that's all for now, we've off on a walk at 6am so need some sleep. Will update on what we've done since Christmas, and mabey update the craft blog and the homeschooling blog.
Oh that's the other thing that has been taking up my time, we start homeschooling next week, plus we need to register again soon, so making the program for the next two years, our goals etc. Not an easy task, but necessary if you want to stay the right side of the law!

~Luv and Hugs World~

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Susan Boyle...

...I have to share my most favourite YouTube video of 2009, along with over 84 million of my closest friends!! And that is the Susan Boyle, Britains got talent 2009 audition.

Now I had not really heard of Susan Boyle prior to when her Christmas album came out, and when she sung Wild Horses in America, so already knew she was a good singer, but when I watched the YouTube vid, I was blown away, and was teary throught the whole performance.

Mostly, I think, because no one really expected her to be any good at all, and they were just taken back by her talent. I love the look of the judges when the first strains of the song come out her mouth, priceless!

I still watch it ever week or so and still cry, I'm a big baby. Of course I asked the kids for her CD for Christmas. Now, she has the song on it that made her a star which sounds better each time I listen, and wild Horses, but I also think some songs feel very moody or dark, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, however her voice is haunting and beautiful. I love it!

WEll I can't put the link to YouTube in at the mo, but its not that hard to search for!

Luv and Hugs World!

Friday, 1 January 2010


Well it has been an eventful year, as all years should be, how boring would a quiet year be?

I won't go into the details that I failed to write about through the year, that would be a long an boring post! Instead I will say, we are all healthy and happy, thank the lord, we have a roof over our head, good food to eat. And for me personally, 2009 has bought a lot of amazing, strong friends into my life, which I am very thankful for.

The children have progressed well, had fun and learnt a bit along the way, and my Hunny Bunny, has had a hard working year, topped of by a great 3 days at the Sydney 500 this year! AND he really enjoyed Christmas and NewYears without drinking!!


We had a brilliant Christmas on the beach, no beer, no fights with the kids, no playing with the new toys lol! Just sand, (overcast so no sun! but beautiful and warm) swimming, Koro, biking and skateboarding, scootering and ripsticking around the huge park by the beach. We are definitely going back next year. The only thing that was missing was the rest of our families, but heiaha, next year mabey will be different.

New years we also spent on the beach, the botany foreshore to be exact, right opposite Brighton le Sands fireworks, not too many people, watermelon, gingerbeer and chips an great weather to bring in the New year!


So that brings us to today, the first day of the year, and the resolutions we are all making, well some of us. I thought I'd make a list of the hopes, wishes and resolutions for 2010! I'll be back 2011 to tick of the ones that made it through!

  1. I pray that this year brings good health, good will to all and blessings from the Lord above.
  2. I pray also that the flooding victims, and the bushfire victims that are so prevalent in this huge country find peace in the new year, find new homes and comfort in their lives.
  3. I hope to make this year more fun for my kiddies, while acomplishing more work, haha, can it be done?
  4. I hope I will be more patient and willing to listen.
  5. I hope to finish all UFO's in my cupboards, and to join a UFO competition at sometime this year.
  6. I will post to my blog more than 3 times a year! Trying for 4 times a month on 3 of my 8 blogs.
  7. I will sew more this year, a project a month is reasonable and I will do it.
  8. But to be more ambitious, to make a wish list of the items to sew for each season, for each person, AND actually sew them, now thats a goal!
  9. To be able to stick to our budget, we want to buy a house by the end of the year.
  10. Eat and cook healthier this year, plus do at least 30 mins excercise a day.
  11. Just get out and walk, go to a park or the river, or the beach, climb mountains, roll down hills.
  12. Bake something every week, the kids love it, I shouldn't be so lazy.
  13. Eat more fish.
  14. Ring home more!
  15. Spend less, thinking before you buy helps in this area.
  16. Discuss before purchasing large items, helps with the on the spot purchases.
  17. Read more
  18. Try and not worry we have to do every extracurricula activity available to children every week.
  19. Craft more, make winter clothes before summer comes around again, make some baby clothes before the baby turns 21!
  20. Be prepared for birthdays, its not like they change and creep up on us. I know when they are, now get out there and get ready.
  21. Be prepared for Christmas, same as above!
  22. Learn how to apply make up properly to my eyes.
So all in all, the round up is:
Love more, complain less, ease up, lighten up, be thankful, be grateful, be silent, be loud, go to church, be organised, spend more time, spend less money, worry less, plan more, be happy, smile, feel beautiful, think of others, do something everyday, Do more everyday, do less everyday, don't be too hard on me or my family, eat more good stuff, eat less bad stuff, and feel free to change any or all of the above as the year progresses!!

I will leave it there for now, resolutions always, become a long list of things to do. So how did I go today?
  • We baked two cakes, my big girl did a packet cake, you know read the instructions and put it together, and it was beautiful, we ate it for sweets. And my son and I baked a banana cake, from the less than ripe bananas, only he had a piece, the rest of us were too full, but he said it was great. haha. We will have it for morning tea tomorrow.
  • We had a tuna mornay for dinner, and a salad that 'Lisey made also, so sort of healthy, got the Omega 3 anyway.
  • We are not buying white bread anymore, boohoo no more soft, yummy ham sandwiches :( but I will still make white bread now and then.
  • didn't do any excercise.
  • Spotlight was closed, so I didn't spend anything lol.
  • Still got grumpy with the kiddies and didn't take them out.
This is going to be a good year, peace and love world.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wow, two months since I last posted I thought I finally had the blog thing down and ready to go, but then the holiday season crept up, and wham!! no posting anywhere except Facebook.

Well nana went home, the kids weren't happy, but thats life, we are currently in NZ on what started as a working holiday, and not for pay either.

The bathroom at ma'honeys family home had a major leak and was definitely past its use by date, so we needed a complete renovation, at first he was just going to start with the area that was badly rotted, but once we got to pulling stuff down we just kept going, luckily for us the bathroom is a very, very compact 1600cm x 1770cm.

This is the reason we needed the complete demolition, a hole had led to water seeping behind and rotting the framework, not a pretty sight believe me, plus the bathroom had most definitely seen better days!!

We pulled out the old bath/shower and the vanity and replaced it with a shower, wash basin and a totara, bench surround, ma honey had definite ideas about the colour also, and when I, in my 'wisdom' decided to get another colour instead of the one he had his heart set on, I realised very quickly that it was indeed NOT the colour I should have bought!! Luckily my brother in law went back and got the original colour and we used my 'brilliant' purchase to paint the rather shabby kitchen wall we also had to patch up.



So our renovation took a break for the Christmas ie Christmas Eve to Christmas day!! I had already to decided that we would not buy presents this year but make, (my brothers catch phrase was make, bake or create) of course I only had the week before Christmas to organise ours, and most of that was renovation.

Being the ultimate reborn recycler, I went to my vast stash of various fabrics and assorted stuff and went to work, the kiddies painted paintings and 'Lisey did some baking, I made handmade bags for my nephews and a short cape for my sister in law, and then appliqued motifs or their initials on to their presents, Ma honey used a large piece of the totara we were using for the bathroom bench to make my brother a chopping board (he loved it!!)

Some of the presents I made:

I did run out of time so my kids didnot get their own personalised bags, so had to do some Christmas shopping, including food, amazingly we only took just under 3 hours Christmas Eve and that was it. No spending months buying presents, spent mabey $300 the kids and I had heaps of fun creating, and none of the pressure that goes along with our usual Christmas splurge. My brother, his family and sister both got in on the whole spirit of it and we all got some wicked presents.

We even handmade our own wrapping paper!!

Anyway, we had a great Christmas and a great New years, but thats another story!!
Happy New Years World

Friday, 31 October 2008

After the end...

...Several things I want to touch on today.

Seeing as I let my subscription become overdue for the hosting for my Wordpress blog, I've been waiting for the payments to clear, so, I started thinking about other forms of the same idea.  What I mean is, while my blog and initial 'business' is handmade bags, I am trying, and I stress trying, to think about how my purchases, what I sell, how I live, affects the world, whether I try to purchase fair trade, find out how and where my materials are manufactured, whether Im doing all I can to minimise my carbon footprint on this earth.

My latest foray, as I call it into this area, is recycling old clothing, either into clothes or bags, not a new idea, obviously, and even charities are doing it these days, how ironic!!  See story here!  I started today, actually, have been thinking about it for awhile, I pulled out a bag of our old clothes, pulled out the clothes with some interesting, usable material and got to work, nothing to show yet, but some ideas are forming!  Want to go to some 2nd hand shops and see what treasures I can find there.

Speaking of 2nd hand shops, I went to the 2nd hand shop, on the recomendation of Merah's dance teacher, I went shopping for the kids and came out with 8 pieces of clothing for only $23 dollars!  Yesterday, after my son had a small accident, I went to the mall and got him a pair of shorts, a tshirt and a pair of jandals (flip flops)  for about $34 and that was a shop at a lower end of the market!   The 2nd hand clothing was good quality, some like new, the kids didn't even notice till I said they were second hand, I even picked up a really nice Esprit denim shorts for $2.60!!  And tomorrow they're having a sale, everything is half price lol!  It is a church charity shop, and believe me with the economy in unheaval, shops like these are definitely need.  I am going to take a load of clothing in to their bins, that the kids and us have outgrown, which just helps the cause I think.

Thinking about the economy, I've been wondering how I can bring the plight of people less fortunate than us, to my kiddles.  I don't want to stuff it in their face and tell them they should be grateful for the things they have etc.  in some sort of lessons or something, just to make them aware, by getting out into the community, so they see that not every one has a great family, food to eat whenever they want, or a pool, or even a roof over their head and a meal each night.  Haven't done alot of research into what is here in Sydney, I know they have all the charity shops liike St Vicents, the Salvation Army, and individual church charity shops, but I want to see what other things people are doing, what's happening at Christmas etc. and things we can carry on doing through the year. 

Will up date when We find something we can participate in.  Actually if your reading this and your organising your workplace Christmas party, St Vincent de Paul is having a secret santa, appeal which may be a nice alternative to the usual secret santa you might have.  Instead of wasting money on a novelty mug or similar,  everyone donates an amount to The Vinnies Secret Santa Appeal!

Twitter!  don't know what Im talking about!!?  Twitter is a, well I don't really know how to explain it, its a social messaging utility, sort of like texting to cyberspace!!  IMO.  You can follow people you find interesting, and people can follow you.  You can post links to interesting sites, keep in contact with friends, find out breaking news as it happens, really if you follow the right people, you could be right on the pulse of everything thats important to you as it happens, pretty cool ey!!?  Have a look here and join up you can twitter from Flock, your facebook page, even your iPhone or cellphone if compatable!! If you feel like following me, my Twitter URL is

~~~~Night world~~~~

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Cast Off, Swimming all go, Raining everyday!!!

...Well almost, supposed to be nearly summer here, but noone told the weather that lol!

We've had a couple of warmish days, where the kiddles were in the pool, but mostly rainy this week. Mind you I prefer rain to searing heat.

The two littlies, have just started swimming around by themselves, bought a few different flotation devices and told the kiddies to choose which one they preferred. I had to actually get into the pool and coax each one in, now they just get into their togs, get their floaties and jump in!! Yay I can sit on the laptop while everyones playing!! (don't worry always aware of whats going on!!)

'Liseys cast came of last week, so shes been in the pool this week, its been good for her leg too, takin longer than I thought it would to get her back on her feet. Thought she'd be up and running as soon as the cast came off, can you tell I haven't had a broken leg before!!


Slowly getting to know more and more about internet marketing, all the info is a little bit over my head at the moment. Did up to day 14 on the 30 day challenge, and stopped, have just started again goin over the different lessons, of course my hosting was overdue, so my first blog for my business is currently suspended, but should be on by the weekend, if you want to check it out its at Doing a bit of work on it once it gets back up and running this is a practice for me call it my beta business, get it!!?? Beta, better, oh never mind!!

Im following a few people on various social networking blogs, etc. like twitter, yada yada yada. Just trying to get a feel what every things about. Ive got a whole lot more to do.

At moment I wondering what social bookmarking is really about?? I know its to get word out to everyone about what your doing, but sometimes this seems alot of work for nothing. I think mabey I should try another niche? I did do some number crunching, but really numbers aren't my forte, so mabey I got it wrong.

Anyway Im going to stick with this online thing, I have to make money, and I can't go out to work, this is the ultimate in freedom...